Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

I watched this film after taking an inadvertent near year-long hiatus from horror movies. It was a great reintroduction.

Watching Dawn Of The Dead in the theater was a fun experience, nearly knocked my popcorn over a couple times (which would have been so very sad). Seeing as, at this point, it is quite unlikely you'll get the same theater opportunity then I recommend gathering a group of zombie fans in a place with a big screen, pile the tables high with snacks and beverages of choice, and let the fun begin.

The opening scene of this movie is still one of my AAHHHHHH! favorites. As many zombie films are, the remainder of the movie is an action packed, dark-humored adventure. Fun, gross, icky, and with a big bloated and rotten finger pointed at consumerism, this movie is built to entertain.

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