Monday, December 31, 2012

Horror Rises From The Tomb (1973)

This movie made my brain hurt a little bit.

The lighting was terrible, but the costumes were awesome! The characters were hard to connect with but the scenery was pretty great! As the DVD case states, Horror Rises From The Tomb is about "A gentleman and his friends arrive at his family's ancient estate for some fun and relaxation. What the group finds instead is terror and bloodthirsty killings all as a result of a family curse. The decapitated head of the gentleman's ancestor is forcing the guests to act out the horrifying plans it is hypnotically sending to them."

I wanted to appreciate the strange awfulness of this film, like one would to an unidentifiable object in a mud pit. Instead I was simply conflicted. This film was difficult to watch and difficult to listen to, but there is some cult classic allure.

I recommend watching this movie with a bunch of friends - have plenty of booze handy.

In fact, here, watch the trailer. It may help:

Lots and lots of booze.

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