Sunday, December 30, 2012

Open Water (2003)

My Husband bought this movie for us not too long ago.

He said it was one of the scariest movies he's ever seen - and now I have to agree with him. Although Open Water could also be categorized as a Thriller/Suspense, this independent, horror-rific, based on actual events, water-based nightmare is a must watch for horror movie fans. And now, I'm all done talking about this film, I'll let the experts continue:

"Two thumbs up!" Ebert and Roeper

"You may never go in the water again!" Thelma Adams, US Weekly

"Achieves a primal terror" Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"A sensation! Terrific!" Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

"An expertly made suspense thriller!" Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"Prepare to jump out of your skin" Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"One of the most galvanizing and unforgettable films of the year" Rex Reed

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