Monday, December 31, 2012

Tormented (1960)

A 1960s classic that I feel deserves a little more attention and appreciation. Although it can fall in between the 'bad but good' horror movie classic cracks, this movie should stand alone. It is a good movie with a very spooky moralistic tale.

As the DVD case describes, Tormented, is about "A pianist [who] dumps his singer girlfriend and becomes engaged to a young socialite from an affluent island community, which infuriates the singer. A confrontation, between the pianist and the singer at the top of a lighthouse, results in her falling to her death to the rocks below. The pianist tries to keep the death quiet while proceeding with the wedding plans but finds it impossible when the deceased singer begins to haunt him."

I expected the writing and characters to be flat, poorly written. Instead they were created with heart and depth, and they continued to evolve as the movie progressed. This is a very fine movie, deserving of some respect, especially considering the hoards of awful horror movies made during this time.

Watch it now for free through the Internet Archive!!

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