Monday, December 31, 2012

Metropolis (1927)

This fantastic German film blew my mind - A Lot. The scenery is still jaw-dropping and the plot still applicable to this day. The characters are mesmerizing and the music is wonderful.

DVD description of Metropolis, "This Fritz Lang classic film nearly bankrupted the motion picture studio that produced the feature. Set in 2000, this futuristic tale shows society separated into two distinct segments. The upper class lived in the high towers of the city and reaped the benefits of modern technology. The lower class resided in the underground regions working to make the machinery operate. The main thrust of the film centers on a man from the upper class falling in love with a woman from the lower class and his revelation as to what the world is like outside of his towers."

FANTASTIC FILM. In fact it is so amazing you need to watch it right now. Full German version with English subtitles:

You are welcome.

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