October Challenge

Below is an alphabetical listing of horror movies that have been watched every day in the month of October. The list includes the good, the bad, and the very ugly, since movies are picked randomly and with little to no prior knowledge of their quality.  Please note that some reviews will begin to look like an existential crisis or a drunk mental break down  - these reviews usually occur as the month comes to an end.

Last updated November 1, with 240 titles.

[Rec] (2007)
10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
2AM (Short Horror Film)
7 Below (2012)
A Bucket Of Blood (1959)
A Christmas Horror Story (2015)
Afterlife Investigations, The (2011)
Alexia (Short Horror Film)
Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)
Alligator (1980)
Alone In The Dark (1982)
American Horror Story (Television Show, 2011)
Amityville Horror, The (1979)
Annabelle (2014)
Army Of Darkness (1992)
Ash vs. Evil Dead (Television Show, 2015)
Attack of the Killer Sock (2014)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)
Attic Panic (Short Horror Film)
Audrey Rose (1977)
Bad Blood aka Coisa Ruim aka Blood Curse (2006)
Bad Moon (1996)
Bay, The (2012)
Betty Boop: Minnie The Moocher (Short Horror Film)
Big Ass Spider! (2013)
Birds, The (1963)
Black Sheep (2006)
Blob, The (1988)
Bone Tomahawk (2015)
Bones (2001)
Boo (2005)
Brain That Wouldn't Die, The (1962)
Breathe (Short Horror Film)
Brood, The (1979)
Burnt Offerings (1976)
Canal, The (2014)
Captured Bird, The (Short Horror Film)
Cat and the Canary, The (1927)
Cat With Hands, The (Short Horror Film)
Cat, The (2011)
Changling, The (1980)
Child's Play (1972)
Children of the Damned (1963)
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1973)
Children, The (2008)
Clown (2014)
Cooties (2014)
Creature (1985)
Creeping Flesh, The (1973)
Crimson Peak (2015)
Curse of Chucky (2013)
Danny and the Wild Bunch (Short Horror Film)
Dark Hours, The (2005)
Dead Friend aka The Ghost aka Ryeong (2004)
Dead of Night (1945)
Dead Ringers (1998)
Dead Silence (2007)
Deep Red (1975)
DeepStar Six (1989)
Demonoid: Messenger of Death (1981)
Desperation (2006)
Diary of the Dead (2007)
Dinner for Two (Short Horror Film)
Doctor and the Devils, The (1985)
Documenting the Grey Man (2011)
Dog Food (Short Horror Film)
Don't Look In The Basement (1973)
Don't Move (Short Horror Film)
Don't Torture A Duckling (1972)
Donnie Darko (2001)
Dorm (2006)
Downstairs (Short Horror Film)
Dumplings (2004)
Eight Legged Freaks (2002)
Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)
Eternal, The (1988)
Experiments in Terror (2003)
Eyes Without a Face (1960)
Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow, The (Short Horror Film)
Fear Itself (Television Show, 2008)
Fields, The (2011)
FOXED! (Short Horror Film)
Freaks (1932)
Friday The 13th (1980)
Fright Night (1985)
From a Whisper To A Scream aka The Offspring (1987)
Frozen (2010)
Funeral Home (1980)
Game (Short Horror Film)
Ganja & Hess (1973)
Ghost Story (1981)
Ghostwatch (1992)
Ghoulies (1984)
Ghoulies II (1988)
Girly Ghosthunters, The (Television Show, 2005)
Godzilla (2014)
Gone Girl (2014)
Gravity (2013)
Gravy (2015)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
Happy Birthday To Me (1981)
Harvest, The (2013)
Hatchet (2006)
Haunted Castle, The (1896)
Haunting of Sarah Hardy, The (1989)
He Took His Skin Off For Me (Short Horror Film)
Hocus Pocus (1993)
Hound of the Baskervilles, The (1959)
House of Evil aka Dance Of Death (1968)
House of Seven Corpses, The (1974)
House of the Damned (1963)
House On Haunted Hill (1959)
House That Dripped Blood, The (1971)
I Bury The Living (1958)
I Heard It Too (Short Horror Film)
Incubus, The (1982)
Inside (2007)
Inside No. 9 (Television Show, 2014)
Invaders (Short Horror Film)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Isolation (2005)
It (1990)
Itsy Bitsy Spiders (Short Horror Film)
Jack (Short Horror Film)
Jaws (1975)
Jaws 2 (1978)
Jennifer's Body (2009)
Killer Shrews, The (1959)
King Kong (1976)
King of the Ants (2003)
Knock (Short Horror Film)
La Fillette et l'ogre (Short Horror Film)
Lady In White (1988)
Lair of the White Worm (1988)
Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The (1955)
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie aka The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974)
Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger (Short Horror Film)
Lights Out (2016)
Lights Out (Short Horror Film)
Lisa and the Devil (1973)
Lore (Television Show, 2017)
LOT254 (Short Horror Film)
Luna (Short Horror Film)
Martyrs (2008)
Memento Mori (1999)
Metamorphosis (1990)
Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor (1990)
Mirrors (2008)
Mist, The (2007)
Monster (Short Horror Film)
Motel Hell (1980)
Near Dark (1987)
Night Of The Demons (1988)
Night of the Seagulls (1975)
Nite Owl (1993)
No Telling (Or, The Frankenstein Complex) (1991)
Nomads (1986)
Nosferatu (1922)
Nothing But Trouble (1991)
Occupied (Short Horror Film)
Oculus (2013)
Of Unknown Origin (1983)
Omen, The (1976)
Orca (1977)
Orphanage, The (2007)
Others, The (2001)
Paralyzed (Short Horror Film)
Phantom of the Opera, The (1925)
Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)
Plastic (Short Horror Film)
Poltergeist (1982)
Predator (1987)
Pride of Strathmoor, The (Short Horror Film)
Prophecy, The (1995)
Pumpkinhead (1988)
Quicksilver Highway (1997)
Quiet, The (Short Horror Film)
Rabid (1977)
Rake (Short Horror Film)
Rebecca (1940)
Red Balloon (Short Horror Film)
Red Room Riddle, The (1983)
Red Shoes, The aka Bunhongsin (2005)
Red State (2011)
Resident Evil (2002)
Return of the Living Dead, The (1985)
Salem's Lot (1979)
Santa Clause Conquers The Martians (1964)
Saturday the 14th (Short Horror Film)
Scanners (1981)
Seeding Of A Ghost (1983)
Shrooms (2007)
Sin Reapers, The (2015)
Sinister (2012)
Sister Hell (Short Horror Film)
Slash-In-The-Box (Short Horror Film)
Slither (2006)
Smiling Man, The (Short Horror Film)
Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)
Suckablood (Short Horror Film)
Tales From Tokyo And All Over Japan (2004)
Tales From Tokyo And All Over Japan The Movie (2007)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1974)
The Shelter (2015)
They (2002)
Tingler, The (1959)
To The Devil A Daughter (1976)
Tom Holland's Twisted Tales (2014)
Tomie (1999)
Tourist Trap (1979)
Treevenge (Short Horror Film)
Trilogy Of Terror (1975)
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)
Twixt (2011)
Uninvited, The (1944)
Unnatural (2016)
Vicious (Short Horror Film)
Victim (Short Horror Film)
Video Dead, The (1987)
Vienna Waits For You (Short Horror Film)
Village of the Damned (1960)
Violeta (Short Horror Film)
Visit, The (2015)
Walking Dead, The (Television Show, 2010)
Waterborne (Short Horror Film)
Watership Down (1978)
Wendigo (2001)
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)
What Lies Beneath (2000)
What We Do In The Shadows (2014)
Willard (2003)
Willow Creek (2013)
Witchboard (1986)
Wolf Man, The (1941)
Wolfen (1981)
Woman In Black, The (2012)
XX (2017)
Zombeavers (2014)
Zombi 2 aka Zombie (1979)
Zombie Hunter (2013)

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