Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Woman In Black (2012)

*This was originally posted yesterday on a different page. I have since removed that page*

To start off this challenge, I've been invited to a friend's house to watch The Woman in Black and eat tater tot casserole. I've read the book, very much enjoyed it, and decided that this fancy evening called for some Ravens Wood Zinfandel (Vintner blend).

I'm heading off now, will provide an update after I drink this bottle.


Okay, classic ghost story. Note, the book, totally different than movie. Not surprising. Classic spook, dark shadows, what  are crazy people thinking. Good stuff, my style. Quote of the night from the gang: "What the what!  Unacceptable." Runner up: "That bitch be crazy". WINE WON. Pfffffftttttt. Loved the movie, but the wine beat me good. Will not buy again. Will watch movie again.

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