Monday, October 29, 2012

The Red Shoes aka Bunhongsin (2005)

Tonight's movie is yet another one that Netflix has been yelling at me to watch.

Based on the cover photo (a high heeled red shoe dripping with blood) I was far from impressed. Also, I couldn't agree with the tag line more: "One size kills all". Of course one shoe size kills all! What, are you new? That is why there are different shoe sizes.

The only killer "one size fits all" item I wear on my feet are my Monty Python Killer Rabbit slippers, which are promptly stolen and worn about the house by my neighbor's four year old girl when they stop by.

I'm not a shoe snob, but if my feet aren't happy in what I'm wearing then no one is happy. Thus: of course one (shoe) size would kill all (feet), and I have yet to wear a pair of red high heels that doesn't want me to go on a rampage after wearing them for 45 minutes.

But now on to the film: the Korean film The Red Shoes aka Bunhongsin. I'm expecting a lot from this film and seeing as I'm not getting to this movie until later in the evening, my chances of falling asleep are high. My update to this film may not arrive until tomorrow :)

Speaking of updates, if you haven't already noticed my updates to Willard and Nomads are finally up! Sorry for the delay, very busy weekend.

Suggested pairing: Something uncomfortable. For me, it was really salty pizza and cold left over glogg.


Okay, okay. This movie surprised me quite a bit. In good ways and in bad.

First: according to the resolution on my TV, the shoes were not Red, they were Pink, I dare say Fuchsia pink, actually. And quite an ugly pair of 'red' shoes for people/spirits to be fighting over, although I would be willing to guess that the shoes were more of an artistic statement about the story, people, and so on - and not shoes people actually 'die' for.

So I tip my hat to integrating random shoes found in a subway with a horror story: very original and well done.

Second: there were quite a few good stare-downs in the movie. And I mean, Stare-Downs. The kind where you clap your hands just a bit and want to start shouting "Fight, Fight, Fight!" I felt a little bad afterwards, but was intrigued that this movie brought out the angry moody teen in me.

I also started thinking about how much Asian horror movies are based on a woman scorned. Is it because of the long-standing patriarchal society? Where women have been so repressed (to mind boggling proportions); living under a thumb for so long then die without a hint of respect and dignity, and eventually come back from the dead with "You know what!? That was a bunch of bullsh*t! THAT. IS. IT! I've had it up to here! You can not tell me what to do anymore and I am going to make your life a living hell."

Because, I totally buy it, if that is the case. Thesis fodder, right here.

Good movie. Watch with shoe lovers and shoe haters. Do not watch with someone who stole your significant other or your favorite pair of shoes.

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