Friday, October 5, 2012

Of Unknown Origin (1983)

Ah, Friday night.

Me and my husband went grocery shopping right after work, I watched a woman drive a cart down one of the isles with what appeared to be five to six children dangling on the sides, going along for the ride. I initially thought of The Brood. Thanks scary movies! Thanks a lot. Well, I guess I brought this on myself - but who cares, I have beer.

Anywhoos, on to today's pick: I was not able to pick from the plethora of fantastic options, so I had my husband hold them all behind his back and I played "Pick which hand". I ultimately picked Of Unknown Origin. I had never heard of the film before I plucked it from the hidden spaces in the movie store. Not even the employees had heard of it. It stars Peter Weller and the cover on the case shows a family portrait ripped to shreds. Leaves a lot to the imagination.

We're cooking steak tonight, and he picked up a bottle of whiskey!

Happy Friday night everyone - let's see what happens....

Well,  if you have a problem with rats and jerks, then please do not watch film. Things happened, rats came. Rat. Ah. Keep toilet sets down. New York City, don't live there. Things, bad things  happen.  Did  I mention rats? Stuff and things, horrible. Rats. Whiskey. Bed time. Yay bed time, stupid rats.

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