Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nomads (1986)

Well, tonight is the night of Halloween parties so I'm going to watch today's film this afternoon.

As far as I can tell this movie is about demons, and it stars Pierce Brosnan. Seeing as I have to get ready for the parties tonight while I watch today's horror movie, this one seemed a to be a good fit.

Nomads/Demons = Wandering from house to house asking for treats/booze is served at these events. It just made sense.

Without wasting any more time, I'm just going to jump into it. I present to you: Nomads.


For anyone who noticed that an update was not made last night, please be patient! Life happened, update to be added very soon.

Update Update:

What an original film! It takes a classic haunted house story, twists it into a little bit of a zombie story (or werewolf...perhaps, we could argue about that) like some horrific candy cane AND THEN proceeds to dip the psychological thriller edges into all sorts of different horror movie sauces (e.g. haunting photographs, scary people, terrible terrible Ted Nuget music).

Also, Adam Ant is in this film [throws hands up]. You take that how ever you want.

Note: there is not a lot of gore, there are a few times where scary things jump out at you but mostly this is a  strange, lovely horror story like one I've not seen before.

Watch at night, alone, for full horror movie effect. Recommended pairing: anything French.

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