Monday, October 8, 2012

Jennifer's Body (2009)

Double feature today!

This evening I'm going to a movie gathering at a friend's house. Since I've already seen the film that will be watched at the gathering, ("Below" - it's fantastic. World War II submarine picks up some stranded souls on the water and then ... things get ugly) I decided to watch another film this afternoon. One I haven't seen and because this movie needs to be returned.

Jennifer's Body. When I saw the advertisements I was like, "meh...". When I saw more advertisements and fairly good reviews, I was like "maaaaybee." When I saw it on the Rain City Video employee suggestions shelf, I was like "Okay." It looks a bit campy, pretty gory, and there is a good chance the dialogue will not be terrible. Also, I picked up the Unrated version so I might just be blown away a little bit.

Today's movie pairing will be leftovers (whatever I can find in the fridge), orange juice, and maybe some string cheese.


If the movies Heathers and The Lost Boys had a love child, and that child's best friends were Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Ginger Snaps, then it would be Jennifer's Body. A straight up, holds back no punches, funny, and gruesome coming-of-age story. Recommend movie pairing: booze stolen from your parent's liquor cabinet, and maybe some Corn Nuts or Snickers if you have them.

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