Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boo (2005)

Good evening, horror movie fans... [insert evil laugh].

Tonight's spooky tale is brought to us from the producers of Dog Soldiers. I love Dog Soldiers, I believe it is one of the best werewolf films ever made, period. I rented this movie because it had the words Dog Soldiers on the cover.

Speaking of a cover, unfortunately the DVD cover of this film is absurdly spooky. I've found that when movies have absurdly spooky covers, the cover is the spookiest element of the movie.

But I'm holding out hope for this one though (see also: Dog Soldiers), even though the tagline says: "You don't have a ghost of a chance" [groan].

So apparently in this film a bunch of kids break into an abandoned hospital on Halloween night. I have yet to see where, in a horror movie, this ever turns out good for anyone. But we'll see what happens tonight in, Boo.

Tonight's movie pairing: left overs. See you all after the show!


And the movie was not that bad. There were scenes that gave me the creeps, and there is one scene in particular that I'll likely have nightmares about (and I suspect the producers of Dog Soldiers came up with it).

Very gruesome. Very.
Of course there were the stock characters:

The blonde ingenue
The dark haired temptress
The dirt bag boyfriend
The nice guy
The comedian

But I didn't expect Dynamite Jones. My favorite character in the film. In the film this character, a retired 1970's movie star turned cop, apparently starred in the following (fake) movies:

  • Meet Dynamite Jones
  • Dynamite Ignited
  • Dynamite Jones vs. The Dope Pope
  • Dynamite Jones vs Count Pimpula
  • Dynamite Jones vs Fankenfro

This character made the film very entertaining. I didn't see enough of him.

Story line was alright, but I just kept seeing a mix between Scream, The Thing (1982), and Cabin Fever. Watch with friends who have a strong stomach, and wait at least 45 minutes after eating before watching.

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