Monday, October 22, 2012

Fear Itself (Television Show, 2008)

I have no idea what today's movie will be because I'm going to a friend's house to watch it - and I've left it entirely up to her to choose tonight's pick. It is a surprise!

But I'll take this moment to update new readers that this month's goal for this blog is to watch a movie I've never seen before, do the best I can to rent that movie from my local Rain City Video store, and then tell you all about it. 

Tonight's movie pairing will be (first) politics, frozen pizza, movie and byob.

More news after I come home from tonight's adventure.


Well, well, well! What we watched was not a movie at all but a TV show! Another show that Netflix has been screaming at me to watch: Fear Itself. It was one of the host's favorite shows but sadly it was only on for one season. We can not figure out why because it was downright scary!

The first episode we watched was "Skin and Bones" - a Wendigo story! If you don't know what a Wendigo is then Wikipedia has some interesting information for you. I've not yet seen a Wendigo horror movie, but I'm told Ravenous is kind of tied to one.

Wendigos are frightening, and this 45 minute episode did frightening very very well! I give this TV show a thumbs up and I'll be watching more episodes soon! Go out and watch this people - especially if you're super busy and only have time for a 45 minute episode of fun.

I'd also like to add another thing I appreciated about this TV show is how complicated the "good guys" were. I've always felt that a good story, long or short, should portray characters that have fuzzy lines between "good" and "bad". This series, so far, has done that.

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