Thursday, October 18, 2012

House on Haunted Hill (1959)

So, in addition to a crazy busy week, a book publishing company contacted me and said hey, we're interested in the idea of you writing a book. And I'm like cool it's Monday the 15th of October...when do you need my official book proposal? And they're all like next Monday (22nd), and then I'm all -  just a minute I have a brick in my jeans.

No, I wasn't that vulgar but I felt like I wanted to be. Instead I said: "OK!"

Seriously, the book possibility is a huge deal. It came out of nowhere and now I'm a lot more busy than I thought I would be. Which brings me to tonight's movie.

Since I have yet to finish Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - I'm going to watch that first. By the time the movie is over it will be near my bed time. One of my very favorite bedtime movies is House On Haunted Hill (with Vincent Price).

In my memory, I watched it over and over again as a kid (not sure what that says about my upbringing, or my memory) and I'm still fascinated by it. I also still have an impressive collection of My Little Ponies (Stop Judging Me!).

This version of House On Haunted Hill includes but is not limited to a lot of screaming when initially you think it's not necessary, overacting, overreacting, booze, best/worst party favors, people on dolly carts (okay, that's just my theory), and a suspiciously modern looking house for something that is supposed to be 100 plus years old.

I love it. LOVE IT. To me, this movie is like ice cream mixed with Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and your favorite nom nom nom beverage in the whole wide world - which is tonight's suggested movie pairing.

Enjoy it all. In fact, now you can watch this movie for free through the Internet Archive!!

PS: Update will be in the Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things post.

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