Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie aka The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue (1974)

Tonight's exciting pick is: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie aka Non si eve profanare il sonno dei morti aka The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue aka Don't Open The Window.

A Spanish/Italian film from 1974. My mind is a little bit blown.

Like one of my new favorite films (The Fields), this movie apparently is also influenced by hippies and the Manson murders. This surprises me... how many movies have been influenced by hippies and the Manson murders? And where has my horror movie watching been if something like this surprises me?!

I'm learning so much!

DVD Times says this movie is "An impressively intelligent, inventive and genuinely scary film". Well, DVD Times, I'm looking forward to it. The first and last zombie movie to have blown my socks off AND send me into a whirlwind of mind messupedness AND change my whole perspective on horror movies and zombies AND inspired me to dress up like a zombie every chance I get because of it, is Night Of The Living Dead. So I'm expecting a lot from this one.

Tonight's pairing will be Bandit's Pinot Grigio, grilled chicken and pasta. Perhaps not the best pairing before watching a well respected zombie film... or is it?


Well my mother molasses monkey money mahogany - this is one of the best films I've ever seen.

When I popped in the DVD, I was greeted with this from the director:

"Hello! I'm Jorge Grau. Several years ago I shot this film, which had many titles. 'No Profanar el Sueio de los Muertos', is how it was called in Spain, in Italian it was ' Da Dove Vieni?". In English the title was 'The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue'. It's been named may ways. I hope you like it. I know that those of you looking for this type of film, you also look for the happy moment. What I really mean is that I hope you have a bad time. I hope you get very scared and that you suffer profoundly, because that is the way to enjoy these types of films."

I hope you get very scared and that you suffer profoundly. That's right. That's what the Director of this movie said.

This movie is fantastic. It's horrible in all the right ways. It's right in all the horrible ways. And from what I understand it was inspired (Spanish side) by Night Of The Living Dead and Elizabeth of Bathory (Italian side). Both inspirations are stock full of absurd amounts of horror movie fodder. Ask me about Elizabeth of Bathory AND Night of the Living Dead - I dare you - just ask me. I have yet to know someone who knows more about these two stories than I do, but I'll take the challenge.

This movie is beautiful (cinematography is wonderful), the story line is pitch perfect (it doesn't always make sense - but it makes sense of its nonsense), the characters are lovely (ridiculous and recognizable), and it surprised me at every turn. PS: hipsters, you will be beside yourselves with joy. Non-hipsters: Trust me. You too will love this film. Love it.

This movie has smashed down all walls I've put up for good zombie horror films. If you've not seen it, you are missing out. Not only are you missing out, but you are lacking.


I don't understand why I've not heard more about this film. IT IS WONDERFUL.

Watch this film, people. Watch it alone. Watch it with a group. Watch it with people who have lost their sight. Any way you choose to watch it, I promise you: You will not regret it - you will enjoy yourself.

New Absolutely Favorite Movie: This One.

You meet and exceeded my expectations, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. Keep on keeping awesome and I hope to see more of you in the horror movie world. You blew my socks off AND sent me into a whirlwind of mind messupedness AND changed my whole perspective on horror movies and zombies AND continued to inspired me to dress up like a zombie every chance I get. Bravo. [clapping]

PPS: English Hippies and American Hippies = very different. Although, it did not distract from the story. I think it enhanced it.

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