Thursday, October 4, 2012

Frozen (2010)

I quietly slipped 7 Below and The Brood through the drop-box undetected at the movie store today, then strolled on in and decided to pick up a few more flicks (rent one, get another free day!).

While browsing for new opportunities, I heard one of the clerks say "Someone rented The Brood!!!" I raised my hand - we became fast friends.

Together we surfed for new movies. I had already seen nearly all of the staff picks on the movie wall dedicated to the Halloween season, until.... we both found something intriguing. She read the back of the cover of said film first and then Wouldn't Allow Me To Read It! Good for her. I had spilled the beans that I was blogging about horror movies I had never seen, and she said the back of this particular movie gave away too much. She quickly bagged up the movies and kindly demanded that I not see the back cover until I've seen the film.

Because I've been tormented, you too shall be tormented. We will not be watching the mystery movie tonight! Instead, we'll be watching a highly, highly praised film (by a trusted beer drinking adviser): Frozen.

Frozen: some people on a ski trip get stuck on a lift. Sounds boring? I'm told it's not. Not At All. Personally, I don't see why people ski, I'm more of a fall off a sled, roll down a hill, run into a rock, curse, laugh, and collect snow in your coat kind of girl.

Tonight's food and beverage pairing: Super Duper Chili Cheese Dog, and a shot of Tuaca (a digestive - because I'm so full I can't sit right). Let's see what happens...


Okay, so I always wondered how high off the ground ski lifts were - now: I Never Want To Know! Horrifying. The movie is horrifying. Although, I didn't totally buy the man eating wolves thing, considering their situation - of course that would totally happen.

Also, half way through the film I had to take a break. Seriously. I can't remember the last time I had to walk away from a film because I just couldn't take it any more. Being from the Midwest  where your eye juice can freeze when you walk outside, this movie brought back some awful memories. For everyone else who have not lived in the Midwest  this film can also bring out some spine chilling, hair-pulling, "that totally, sucks!!", "I might just do that - AH! No, no, maybe I wouldn't do that, I would totally die." - in you.

Recommended food and beverage pair: ANYTHING HOT.

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