Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Amityville Horror (1979)

It's Halloween!! Halloweeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn! I love Halloween, if you couldn't tell.

I was so excited walking home after work today - seeing all the great, clever, cute, scary costumes. I could barely contain my excitement watching all the people wandering through my neighborhood, bags full of candy, giggling, laughing, screaming with joy.

I was hopping from foot to foot, clapping my hands, smiling so much my face hurt.

But it gets better. When I got home, there was a professional pianist playing our piano. A music recorder guarding the door, and some friends just hanging out. My home suddenly turned into a music studio! Of some of the few things I love more than Halloween, it's music.

I'm willing to bet we have over 100 musical instruments in our house (thanks to my musical Husband). I am grateful for all his gifts. Impromptu recordings in the living room, included.

This evening I'm having guests over to watch tonight's film, and I have no idea what tonight's movie will be! Movies will be presented and there will be a vote. I am simply providing the food, comfy chairs, and a great environment. I'm very excited to be ending this October Challenge in my home, with friends and family.

Now, I need to get the popcorn popped and the pizza cooked. See you all after the surprise show, and Happy Halloween!


Well the movie pick was the classic Amityville Horror! And I was surprised by how many people haven't seen it, or hadn't seen in a quite a long time. I felt it was a prefect fit for a nasty, rainy Halloween night in with friends.

I made pizza, popcorn, and supplied everyone with silly napkins. One couple brought chili. It was in a container with a skull and crossbones on the cover. Many hungry mouths did not heed the warning, and new levels of Hot Hot HOT were discovered. Perfect.

This movie scared the beejeezes out of me when I first saw it, and are still scenes where I want to cover my eyes and/or cringe into my blanket. However, since it's fairly dated at this point there are now scenes (decor of the house, especially) that can make anyone who might be getting a little uncomfortable watching the movie, laugh now and then.

As I discovered last night, this is a great movie to watch with friends - it is also a great movie to watch alone, if you love horror movies. Either way, be sure take a moment at some point to join the 'I've watched the original Amityville Horror club'.

Thank you everyone! See you all on this blog in the not to distant future! Not sure what to do next... we'll just have to wait and see.

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