Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Dark Hours (2005)

Got a lot going on today, and quite a few people coming over so I'm going to retreat to my room before anyone notices and watch: The Dark Hours.

Another film festival award winner:
  • Jury Award Best Film at the Fantastic Film Festival in Austin, TX
  • Audience Award Winner, Dead By Dawn
  • Best Picture at the NYC Horror Film Festival
This movie appears to be about a psychiatrist who just wants to spend a nice quiet holiday at her family cabin, and then guests arrive...

Tonight's movie pairing: Cheese and Crackers - 'cause that's all I have time for right now.


Well, for the first time in 11 day history of this blog challenge. I wasn't able to complete the film in one evening. We had too many guests, too much activity, and the film didn't totally capture my attention. I'll still finish it - just not tonight. The movie has potential, and I blame the band in my living room for distractions. No, not really - I blame no one but myself. The band is awesome. Will provide an update to my update tomorrow!

Update update:

Okay, not bad. Not bad at all. Good psychological thriller, a few twists here and there. Half way through the film felt a bit long to me, but that period is necessary in order to tie up the ending. Clever, dialog is engaging, gruesome at times, and reminded me at first of Funny Games (American version, not French). Recommended for people who enjoy movies about people who go Absolutely CRAZY. Moral of the movie, follow your doctor's orders.

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