Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bad Blood aka Coisa Ruim aka Blood Curse (2006)

I accidentally stole some candy from a department store today. True story. The cashier scanned both bags of Halloween candy, but only one rang up with a price. I was so distracted at the time that I didn't notice until I got home, opened the bag, loaded my spooky Halloween candy bowl (the postman took some fun sized Butterfingers), and then looked at my receipt. I was charged $2.50 less than I should have been.

To scold myself for this bad behavior, I'm going to watch the Portuguese film, Bad Blood aka Coisa Ruim aka Blood Curse.

It looks like it has some potential, and "Independent Film Critics" hail it as "An Intelligent Suspense Thriller". Today's movie paring will be fun sized Butterfingers.


This was a spine chiller! Very subtle - the whole movie was subtle, except for the last 5 minutes. Moody, realistic, engaging, this film get's a thumbs up from me. Definitely one to watch on a cold, spooky night. Not a good one to watch with a group of people. Best watched alone or with just a few people who don't interrupt, as this film requires your full attention.

Recommended movie pairing: while snuggled up under a warm blanket, please keep warm mug of something handy, some snacks, and perhaps a light on. Also, while engrossed in this film, don't be surprised if the slightest movement out of the corner of your eye spooks you.

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