Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Ghost aka Dead Friend aka Ryeong (2004)

I'm so excited.

Today I plan to finish Documenting The Grey Man, The Dark Hours, and today's movie - all this afternoon. That's right, I'm going to spend an entire Saturday afternoon watching horror movies. Coffee is brewing, eggs  will soon be cookin', I'm going to watch horror movies all day AND I'm decorating the home for Halloween.

This. Sounds. Awesome. I feel a kid in a candy store, except instead of candy it's horror movies and it's all in my living room.

Maybe, just maybe I'll squeeze another new film in this afternoon's horror extravaganza.

Today's movie is The Ghost, also known as Dead Friend also known as Ryeong. A South Korean film that Netflix has been screaming at me to watch. Screem Magazine says it's "The Grudge Meets Dark Water". Likey likey!

And away we go!


Um. Okay - it was.... gooooood? I found it to be a bit predicable, but it has a nice twist at the ending. The version I saw had some pretty poor subtitles, and by poor I also mean a little hilarious. If you've seen The Grudge, The Ring, and Dark Water, then you've pretty much seen this film. If you love love love Asian horror films then be sure to add this to your collection.

Suggested movie pairing:  fish soup and a nice tall glass of cold water. Watch with your enemies.

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