Friday, October 25, 2013

Gravity (2013)

Took my Husband on a date today - a belated birthday date.

We both wanted to see Gravity (he for the Sci-Fi aspect, me for the YAY-sounds-like-fun-what's-it-about-again-I-think-it's-scary-right-I-like-going-to-movies?! aspect)

There is most certainly science fiction, but there is also drama, suspense, action, adventure, some romance (love), even a little comedy and:


At the movie's conclusion we barely made it out of the theater before crumbling under the intensity of what we had just experienced. We were crying, shaking, and not able to speak coherently. After a walk and some time, Indian food, listening to some Tool, we began to feel more composed and reflective.

This is a remarkable film. It is maddening, beautiful, poetic, psychotic, detailed, simple, and a nightmare beyond compare. It is a work of art and a Must See on the big screen.

Do not watch if you get dizzy and sick to your stomach easily. This one will twist you around until you no longer care which way is up.You will be propelled into space and stay there for two solid hours. Strap on your seat belt and hold tight for christsakes. Do not eat anything for at least three hours before the film.

I cannot stress enough what a brilliant and intense ride this is. I asked my Husband if he wanted to contribute anything to tonight's post. All he wanted to relay was: "Holy [BLEEP]." Ultimately, this one will make you speechless.

A particularly haunting aspect of the film is the hope you'll scramble for. In fact, you'll experience every single emotion the characters experience in the film, but the hope will haunt you. My Husband and I have recently experienced real-life horrors beyond our imagination and the only thing that has kept us sane (at periods), is hope. Perhaps that is why this movie resonated with us so intensely. That said, I can't help but think that even the most rose-colored glasses sporting viewer will be shaken to their core by this marvelous piece of work.

Highly recommend for those who think they've lost everything.

In all, this movie is a wonderful adventure and a beautiful love note to the viewer that even with insurmountable odds, there is still hope. With courage in yourself, there is still hope. Or in the words of the movie tag line: "Don't Let Go".

PS: I am never going into space. Ever. Frack that.

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