Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jaws (1975)

I tooled around today kicking ass and taking names, like you do. All the while I was trying to figure out what movie I should watch for tonight's October Challenge.

Now, I need you to sit down for this because it may come as a complete shock:

I have never seen Jaws.

[dishes crash, record needle slides off track, someone says something awkward and completely off topic right when the room is silent].

It's true. It's taken me a long time to admit it, but now is the time. Actually, I decided it was time while I was making snicker-doodle cookies and crock-potting cauliflower and cheese chowder. Oh fall, I love you.

I know what Jaws is about, but I've never experienced it. I've seen clips of it all my life, but never had proper context for what I was seeing. This. Is. Big.

The popcorn is ready - the juices are flowing (seriously, I just made some fruit juice) - time to get this much over-due party started! See you after the show!


Ahhhh. Yeeeaaeah.

This is a really great movie. It jumps right into the horror, connects you with the characters quickly, builds momentum while you are trying simply trying to get a grasp on any sense of stability and safety, and concludes with a heart grasping, fingernail biting end. Bravo, Jaws. You've earned another Will Never Go Swimming In The Waters Again fan.

Suggested pairing: Surf and Turf, and lots of water (with rum). 

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