Monday, October 28, 2013

Resident Evil (2002)

Tonight I'm watching Resident Evil. That's right folks - this is happening.

Haters gonna hate.

See you after the show!


Oh, what a carnival ride. I thought I'd seen this before - perhaps in the movie theater, but all I remembered was that there were some creepy creepy dogs. But once I officially saw the dogs this evening, my attention waned.

Sure sure, this is a entertaining film, but I found the editing a little strange and the main character's magical disappearing dress a little silly.

This is quite obviously a video game movie. It's fun, it's silly, it's full of action but ... it was made for video games. I'm not a fan of many video games. You'll have to pry the original Nintendo game controllers from my Tetris and Dr. Mario addicted hands, but otherwise I play very little video games. (Yes, I still play with my working-quite-well-thank-you-very-much original Nintendo. It sits right next to my working-quite-well-thank-you-very-much-stop-making-fun-of-me VCR).

This is a great movie to check-out to. In fact, this one was chosen specifically because I didn't want to think but just veg out. Mission. Accomplished.

Suggested pairing: pizza, beer, chips, candy bars, leave a mess everywhere.

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