Friday, October 4, 2013

Diary of the Dead (2007)

I couldn't decided what to watch tonight so I took all the movies I had rented (which is an ample supply, I might add - rent one get one free deals at Rain City Video are the best), shuffled them around on the floor and picked one with my eyes closed.

From this little game I drew out George Romero's Diary of the Dead (Dimension EXTREME version, I'm not sure what that means...).

This was me today:

18 Extremely Sleepy Animals

So I'm glad I pulled this one out as I think it might be a good one to keep me awake, ooooorrr maybe I'll just dream of zombies.

Either way, this appears as if it will be a first-person video version of a zombie attack. Sometimes that type of film will get me good. Cloverfield got me good, for instance. Blair Witch did not get me good - didn't mind it all that much, it just didn't scare me. I was confused most of the time. I walked out of the theater with a headache and wanting to know why someone would video tape their every movement through the woods. Later I was introduced to the internet and it began to make sense. Ah... the '90s, my eyes were so innocent then.

But enough about those films, onto what calls "one of the most daring, hypnotic and absolutely vital horror films of the past decade".

See you after the show!


Um...ah - well. I feel asleep. Actually, I willingly - very very willing - accepted the sleep. I'm sorry Mr. Romero but I did not like this movie one bit. I'd have rather continued to watch my sleepy bunny gif for a couple hours.

Why so mad, Horror Habit? Well, I'll tell ya based on the first hour that I saw:

First - the movie is narrated by Herni the Existential Cat's sister (I'm pretty sure). I just couldn't take her or the narration seriously.

Second - this is not a movie it's a so-so video game.

Third - I didn't like the editing, characters, or theme.

Fourth - the zombies, quite frankly, were not scary. I found them a little silly.


I tried to give this movie some sort of credit, even went so far as to think, "well, it was made in 2007..." But let's face it, good movies are timeless and 2007 was not THAT long ago.

I can see where some might like this film, but I don't know any of those people. Recommended pairing: sleep.

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