Sunday, October 27, 2013

The House That Dripped Blood (1971)

I have a feeling I've seen this movie before. Although I could be mixing it up with all the other campy "...quartet of terrifying tales!" I've seen - none of which I can name yet only remember bits and pieces of, so this should be a delight.

I'm being serious, I'm looking forward to The House That Dripped Blood. It looks awesome. 1971 horror, not one not two not three but four terrifying tales, and it involves Scotland Yard - how can a girl not be looking forward to this.


IMDB tells me that people who liked this film also liked Carnival of Souls, The Howling, The Omen, and the Night Of The Living Dead.  I can not see where this can go wrong.

It's Sunday, I just took my Mom out for her birthday dinner, and I'm ready to snuggle up into some awesome. Let's get this show started. See you after the show!


Turns out I was a little too snuggled up in awesome. I fell asleep at a rather early hour and missed most of the film. What I have seen already I like, but apparently my sleep activator thought otherwise. I'll watch the rest of the film this evening and provide another update!

Update Update!

Okay okay, finally! Finished the entire film. I wasn't able to finish it in a timely manner because life, not because suck. This is a fun fun fun movie. Campy meets clever. This is a nice collection of tales all told to a Scotland Yard inspector who you completely forget about until he occasionally pops back into the picture again. Although he's the reason the tales are being told, he is not a focus on the film and that's part of the fun.

Each tale is so strange, unusual, and different that it seems as if you're watching several compact movies and not one long tale. Which makes this one a great film for those of you not able to finish a movie in one night or have several distractions while attempting to watch it in one setting.

The costumes and settings are fetching, the dialog menacing, the plots (seem to be) Poe-inspired, and the Toodaloo! at the end has a nice smarty-pants touch.

This is a film for classic horror and spooky tale loving fans. Perfect for a Friday or Saturday night late-night horror fest. Get your heavily buttered popcorn ready, a handful of candy, curl up in your favorite seat and then sip on some of this. Savor in segments or gulp it right down. Either way, you'll be sure to enjoy the fun.

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