Monday, October 21, 2013

They (2002)

They hide under your bed, in your closet, behind the shower curtain, in the basement, and in the attic. They are dust bunnies. Very real, can get very big, and are very all over the place. Especially evil are the ones in the shower because they get wet and look all nasty.

But dust bunnies are not the reason I still have to be completely burrowed under a heavy layer of blankets at night. Feet can not be sticking out. I repeat, FEET CAN NOT BE STICKING OUT. Neither can my arms, sides, fingers, chin, or forehead.

Because... you never know...right?

They is a Wes Craven movie about that very thing. Dust bunnies. I mean, monsters. Unfortunately, even though ABC, New York Daily News, and Wireless Magazine tells me that this is a stellar movie, the description advertises that it has a "...hip young cast...". Leads me to believe that a bit more energy was invested in obtaining the right looks rather than a good story line.

But but but! I want check it out and have it prove me wrong. Soup is on. See you after the show!


Well, my big take-away from this film is that if you happened to have been unlucky enough to experience psychological trauma as a child and through the strength of your own will and want for survival, made it through with counseling, love and perseverance - then you'll likely just realize it was all a big waste of time because dumb luck.

Yes, the film was mighty frighty and well made. But I had issues with the logic behind the story line and couldn't get past how well mid-20 somethings lived with little to no job/a college student. Again, first world problems.

Yes, this movie was a chiller and spooky, and the monsters were pretty good. Better than the Boogeyman, fo sur. I just couldn't buy it though - just...couldn't get past wondering what the point was. I think that's what is supposed to be so scary about the film: There Is No Reason why these people were targeted by monsters in the closet. Just lucky I guess.

Suggested pairing: Coffee (with whiskey) OR warm milk with cookies.

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