Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Children (2008)

You know, sometimes, one of the worse things ever is when someone you love, cherish, and admire suddenly turns into a complete and total lunatic. In fact at the moment, I can't really think of a worse thing.

At first you are dumbfounded - in complete disbelief. Then things get worse and you are pretty certain you are living a waking nightmare ooooooorrrrr in a horror movie.

Which brings me to tonight's movie choice: The Children. Here they are one moment the loves of your life, the fruit of your loins, the future - and then they turn on you.

Yup. I'd call that pretty bad.

The tag line sums it up frighteningly well: "You brought them into this world. They'll take you out."

Happy Sunday night everyone - let's get this little adventure started!


Oh, I couldn't do it folks. I couldn't finish this movie last night. I was simply not in the right head space. I began watching some Mystery Science Theater 3000 instead but fell asleep and stayed that way for over 12 hours.

It would appear that the cold I've been trying to beat off has finally got me. I am sick.

So, when I finally woke up today, I finished watching this movie about children who suddenly become sick and kill people off.

This movie is very disturbing, and I think the most frightening parts are when the children begin to get sick, not when they have full blown lost it. The abortion topic cropped up now and again throughout the film - which I found unnecessary, tacky, cheep and gross. It seemed to me as if the story line was trying to use it as a guilt tactic. I do not care for that, I found it to be (here we go - here we go!) childish.

Otherwise I found the movie to be well done. Truly chilling and nightmarish. Watch during the holiday season with family members. Suggested pairing: popcorn balls and champagne in little no-tippy-sippy cups.

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