Saturday, October 12, 2013

Twixt (2011)

Not feeling so well this morning. So I thought making some eggs and turkey sausage would be a good idea (for some reason).

It was not. 

Now I'm really not feeling well and most of the movies I've picked out from Rain City Video appear grotesque. Except Twixt. A Francis Ford Coppola film that stars Val Kilmer and looks - well, safe for most stomachs.

Otherwise I'm not so sure about this one. I didn't have much luck with my last Val Kilmer horror movie escapade during last year's October Challenge. And although this is a Francis Ford Coppola film, I have a sneaky suspicion this was a Francis Ford Coppola experiment gone wrong. 

The movie description tells me this story is about a writer who investigates a murder, only to find that he's more involved in the murder than he thinks. Sure, sure. Okay - what ever you say typical story line. 

So, back to the couch to curl up and wait this ick out, and see what Twixt has to show me. See you after the show!


It took me an entire day to watch this film because about half way through the film I kept finding other things to do. Such as paying bills, doing the dishes, trying to figure what the cat was looking at, making chocolate chip walnut cookies, feeling better, going to the library, researching gigantic wasps in China and so forth.

I did not like this film.

I found it comical, absurd, disorienting, and a bit insulting. I'm not sure if this is considered a vampire film because there are goth kids in it, or a murder mystery because there is a bumbling sheriff in it, or a ghost tale because the main character's daughter is haunting his memories.

Edgar Allen Poe plays a rather significant role in this film. Well, an Edgar Allen Poe that apparently was being played by a very young Inigo Montoya.

Nothing made sense to me in this movie, and the parts that tried still failed miserably. It was neither scary or chilling. After the film mercilessly ended, I laughed manically at the tag line: "Once the Nightmares Begin, the Terror Never Ends". This is a true statement, and the only entertainment I found in Twixt.

Suggested pairing: you know what, just - just drink the day away. Or make cookies.

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