Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

October Challenge: Day 10

My day started off hilariously clumsy, awkward, ridiculous and weird. Tag on walking around with my zipper down through an indeterminate amount of time this afternoon, and well, let's just take this all the way home, shall we? Let's end the day hilariously clumsy, awkward, ridiculous and weird!

Tonight I'll be watching: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Because, why not.

I've never really seen this film all the way through - bits and pieces here and there. I think it was playing in the background at some point in my life, but in short I've never given it my full attention.

That's all changing today!  See you after the show!

Oh my goodness. 
This movie straight up walked out of a gag store. I doubt there will be another film topping off the 'cheese' factor this October Challenge - or ... ever???

Stuffed with groans, eye rolls, totally inappropriate behavior, absurdity - not to mention that the tomato attacks are, hands down, absolutely hilarious - this was a perfect film to end a day that I spent a majority of time embarrassing myself. 

Pairs with a strong desire to lose yourself in grade school, albeit sometimes very clever, humor. Tomato dishes. I was actually stuffing my face with a Caprese salad while I was watching this movie. I didn't realize how funny that was until after I fished the dish. 

Watch in a small group or alone. 

I watched this film on Amazon Prime or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this extremely dry, salty, and very funny film. 

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