Sunday, October 8, 2017

Predator (1987)

October Challenge: Day 8

Not an October Challenge goes by without my admitting to *just now seeing* at least one absolute horror classic.

Right now: Predator is it.

I have seen bits and pieces, and I've heard my brothers recite so many quotes over the years to think I know enough about the film that I could bluff my way through any conversation about it, but.... if I want to be honest with myself - I've never actually *seen* the movie.

This film starting be seen and appreciated in our home around the time that I was being terrified of the Goonies opening credits (my love of horror films is a long and complicated one). My four brothers loved it right away - I, obviously, needed some time. Like, 30 years.

But, I after watching a couple of football games today, having some brewskies, talking shop with a couple of dudes across the bar about game stats and statistics, I'm feeling right and ready for this film!

See you after the show!


Oh my goodness. I can understand why my brothers like to quote this film so much, it's just so ... quotable...

I made it exactly halfway through this film and simply couldn't take it anymore. Is it right or wrong that I spent the first half of the film laughing out loud? I just found it so side-splitting funny - surprisingly so.

I am absolutely going to give this film another try, likely later today or this evening. I think I wanted to be in a serious movie-watching mode but this classic was not the right fit for the mood.  Instead I turned on Pumpkinhead (that review to come later) and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening without the laughs.

Stay tuned for more...

Update update!

I really should have watched this film with my brothers. Instead, I spent the first half watching it alone and laughing my face off.

Then I re-watched it entirely with my Husband and we both laughed till our faces almost feel off and we just really, really enjoyed ourselves. B movie all the way, but also not quite. Bangs, booms, blasts, loudmouths, smart-mouths, cheesy, cheeky, and original. Predator, you certainly have it all.

Best watched in a group of your best buds. Paris with cans of beer, fart jokes, some fancy new gadget you just got from Amazon. Prepare for a very entertaining time.

I rented this film from Amazon or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can watch this wild feature.

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