Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shrooms (2007)

October Challenge: Day 11

I've seen this movie float around for years and I've never been interested in seeing it. It just sounded too ridiculous to be taken seriously/be frightened by.

But 'tis the season to try to new things and so, away I went, down the weird and winding road of Shrooms.

I've never tried hallucinogenic mushrooms before, so I had to repeatably turn to my Husband (who has, let's say, experienced more of the world than I have), and ask: "Is that possible? Is that what they look like? Is that experience even remotely true?"

He said the only thing done right in this film about a mushroom trip is that some hallucinogenic mushrooms do look like the ones depicted in the movie. 

If you're looking for a cheesy slasher with a fairly predicable ending that also manages to be somewhat entertaining in its attempt to be original, then this would be a good pick. I also enjoy these types of films. But Shrooms just bugged the crap out of me. 

First, why would a bunch of early 20-somethings travel from the U.S. to Ireland for the sole purpose of eating mushrooms?! Who does that? Rich, privileged Catholic school teens, apparently.  Also, why would this group make that trip if they didn't really like each other in the first place? And who leads people to trip on mushrooms for the first time to an area with a dark and creepy building with a horrid past? Who would do that?!

Of all the mind-altering substances, why where mushrooms used to depict a tragic, frightening, and deathly experience? This film would have been far more believable, frightening, and apt in it's attempt to scare people away from drugs if it revolved around - oh, I don't know, let's see here:


just to name a few...

I struggled with the point of this movie. What was it? It really looked like everyone involved in the making of this film had never taken mushrooms before and were trying to make a point to scare viewers away from this fungus. 

If that's the case ... Okay. But. There are actual drugs out there that are in fact actively destroying lives, cause insane and murderous behavior, kill people, are a living nightmare for loved ones and the users. Mushrooms are not it.

Perhaps I took this film too seriously. Perhaps I just didn't like it. Either way, I'm not advocating for drug use (although if you're at the age where your frontal lobe has fully developed and certain drugs are legal in your area....), but there are actual monsters in drug form out there and I thought it was simply ridiculous that mushrooms were used here (to convey a message?).

If you want to see a truly, truly frightening film about the very real perils of drug use then watch Requiem for a Dream. Seriously, it is one absolutely terrifying movie. Absolutely terrifying. 

Watch Shrooms in a group, for support. Pairs with cream of mushroom soup and some cans of your cheapest local brews.

Folks, stay away from meth, heroin, bathsalts, inhalants, cocaine and opioid abuse. 
I'm fucking serious. 

I watched this film on Shudder or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to local where else you can find this meh movie. 


  1. I totally agree about this film - the whole premise was just too silly. I like the idea of pairing it with mushroom soup and a bargain beer basement, though 😆