Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Inside No. 9 (Television Show, 2014)

October Challenge: Day 25

At first glance I thought this was a movie. A drama, perhaps. And then I saw it was a television series, and then I saw that it was a comedy, then I realized it was actually a British horror/comedy/macabre series - and I was all like: what is this and why I have not heard of it until now!

What in the world is Inside No. 9?

This series would not have even made a blip on my horror radar had I not found it on my Shudder channel (with a 5 out of 5 skull rating, in fact). Also come to find out, all three series (currently) is also on Hulu. What IS THIS SHOW?

Also, what does Inside No. 9 even mean?????

Turns out it means that each episode is about little morbid tales surrounding homes with a Number 9 address. I find this both odd and interesting.

In any case, I'm thoroughly intrigued and I'm looking forward to checking this out. So far there are three seasons of six 30 minute episodes. A perfect cringe binge festival in the making - but I don't want to wait for the weekend so I'm going to try and stuff as much of this (seemingly wonderful) goodness into my face tonight as much as possible.

I am not familiar with the League of Gentlemen or Psychoville, but I feel if I find this show to be a hit then these other ventures will not stay long in my unfamiliar list.

See you after the show!

Update! Well this is a new kind of wonderful!!

I stayed up past my bedtime just so I could finish the first season because this is simply a masterful series.  At times you won't know if you should laugh or cringe, but I can guarantee you'll do both. Brilliantly crafted with scathing wit, devilish demises, spin you on your head twists - and all under the clever and artful practice of intertwining originality with somewhat classic tales - this is a super fun and wicked show.

A wicked little show that unravels in #9 homes. Be them mansions, apartments, or a suburban rambler, should you find yourself entering a place with a #9 address... beware.

Fantastic, absorbing acting. Sharp and smart with its use of confining your attention to small places and fine details, and with its simply superb writing and directing, you do not want to miss: Inside No. 9!!

I'm going to binge watch the next two seasons this weekend, and if they are anything like the first I'll be over-the-moon with laughs and gasps.

Watch alone or with a small group of friends that think they're coming over to watch something else. Pairs with wine, beer, whiskey and champagne. Have some cake, tomato soup, and perhaps some cold mashed potatoes sitting around. Hang a few sad balloons on a door frame.

I watched the first season on Shudder, and it looks like all three seasons are on Hulu or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this if Masterpiece Theater returned from the grave as a zombie show.

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