Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lights Out (2016)

October Challenge: Day 18

I've been really curious about this project ever since I first heard they were making the 2013 short film, of the same title, into a full length feature.

Why in the world I didn't see it in theaters when it was released is beyond me! I have a feeling this would have been a good one to see on the big screen...

Oh well.

Instead, I'll be watching Lights Out from the comfort of my couch, on this cold, stormy, evening.

My Husband is telling me that it looks like this movie is full of jump scares, and he's approaching it reluctantly. I'm very curious to see how this brilliant short turned into a full length film, and hoping it doesn't follow the same unfortunate path as the brilliant Mama (short) versus Mama (full). ... I didn't care for it, in any case ...

Well, see you after the show!

Oh my, that was a surprise - in a good way! Not at all what I was expecting but this movie captured my heart a little bit. It was more sad than scary, I dare say (although there were still plenty of jump scares).

I also have a nagging feeling that this story was not created entirely from the imagination, but rather through a traumatizing childhood experience...

A worthy, heart-breaking, film that throws you face first into the real world horrors of severe depression, abandonment, emotional and mental abuse, and most of it seen through the eyes of terrified children - this film tackled some rough subjects and still manages to make it ghost scary.

I very much enjoyed this film. Not only for the creep factor but also because it really shocked me with its material and drama. Although at times it felt rushed and a tad odd, overall it was a great pick for a dark and stormy night.

Pairs with popcorn in clear bowls, couch blankets, a goth kid sitting in the background somewhere (complaining), and in a small group or alone.

I watched this film on HBO Now, or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this frightful feature. 

PS: Well done with the opening scene [wink].

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