Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nothing But Trouble (1991)

October Challenge: Day 5

My Husband has brought this film up from time to time over the years. Usually using such words to describe it as: Chevy Chase and John Candy - and they're in this town with a crazy judge - and then Tupac Shakur shows up ...

And my usual response over the years is: "What? What are are you telling me? What is this movie?"

For years he also couldn't remember the title of the movie. Until we figured out internet movie sleuthing .. and not being lazy.

The film is: Nothing But Trouble.

I've been fascinated by this film since he first brought it up (mostly because of its elusiveness in our home...), but also because it is, according to rumor, scandalously terrible (in box office numbers) despite it's star-studded cast.

You have my attention...

It was the only film directed by Dan Akroyd, and is apparently so surreal it's not one you'll soon forget (except the the title). 

I Am Looking Forward To Seeing This Film!

I have some hotdogs on the grill, chips and salad on standby, and a cozy couch calling my name. I'm looking forward to seeing this story unfold about socialites trapped in a small town by crazy people (I'm told...) - so stay tuned for more!

See you after the show!

Oh lordy, where do I begin... First and foremost, this isn't a terrible film - it's just misunderstood.

It's an insane ride through a very odd village where logic and reason fly right out the window and you're laughing about it all but don't totally understand why. 

The movie appears 'normal' at first, for about 15 minutes, and then things spin wildly out of control. Think of this film not so much as a campy comedy but more of the type of surreal dreams you have after a night of heavy drinking and you're incredibly dehydrated. 

There's Dan Aykroyd - dressed to kill as a very old man who has a penis for a nose. Then Chevy Chase as the hapless city slicker, accompanied by Demi Moore as the worst lawyer ever. John Candy joins the picture as an extremely devoted cop/grandson/granddaughter/rubber monster thing - and frankly, *that's where things really get weird*. 

This movie is so weird that when Tupac, Humpty and the rest of the Digital Underground show up to sing and dance their way out of a minor traffic violation, you're pretty much resolved to appreciate this film for what it is: A Very Strange and Surreal Film About Nothing And Everything At The Same Time.

There is social commentary spattered throughout the film. Why it's portrayed in this way I don't totally understand, but it is interesting and could prompt several discussions. There is also so many WTFs moments spattered throughout the film that you'll run out of all the WTFs to give.

In short, this is an entertaining film, just not a typical - or rather, expectant - entertaining film. Just toss all your logic and reason out the window, sit back, and watch the penis nose man do his thing.

Best in a group, I really don't advise watching this one alone. Even better, watch in a group of unsuspecting viewers. Pairs with warm Hawaiian Punch in a can, heaping plates of Ants On A Log, and weird looking soups. 

I watched this film on HBO Now, or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this completely wacky feature. 

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